UNIFY: Bringing the EU together on climate action



Project objective

Project aims to facilitate the effective and early transition of Member States across Europe to low carbon and resilient economies by unifying three key policy opportunities: programming of EU funds, National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and national and the EU’s Long Term Strategies.

Through its targeted activities in 10 Member States and at the EU level, the Unify project  showcases that if these three key EU policy processes are consistent, ambitious and in line with the Paris Agreement objectives, they could help all EU Member States to step up climate action.

Through underlining the importance of alignment between the national and the EU’s long term strategies, National energy and climate plans and the local level climate and energy action plans (SECAPs), the UNIFY project reminds the importance of consistency in climate action at different levels.

Specific objectives

Besides, Unify project builds processes and capacity to monitor the programming of EU funds, providing targeted inputs at the regional, national, and sub-national level to ensure that Partnership Agreements and Operational Funds are coherent with National Energy and Climate Plans at the national level and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans at the municipal level.

Unify will focus on two scopes of influence – detailed actions delivered in the 10 Focal countries; and one extending to entire EU – in order to take results from targeted actions in 10 EU Member States and replicate and transfer results to the whole of the EU

This project comes at a crucial moment of the European climate policies as different components of the European Green Deal will be unveiled and relevant legislative changes will be realised during the project period.



Role of DOOR: 

Project duration: 
September 2019 – August 2022

Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal


Target group:

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Contact person for more informations:
Miljenka Kuhar – miljenka.kuhar@door.hr

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