Sustainable business for better climate

Project goals:

Overall goal of the project is to establish sustainable social entrepreneurship of the DOOR association, which will ensure social impact in the field of combating energy poverty and climate change through the implementation of entrepreneurial activities. The specific objectives are education and capacity building of employees to strengthen entrepreneurial activities and transition of DOOR to social entrepreneurship, the establishment of DOOR’s entrepreneurial activities and the public promotion of social entrepreneurship as a concept.

Project elements:

  1. Preparation of social entrepreneurial activities
  2. Strengthening the capacity of new and existing legal entities and employees, as well as unemployed members of applicants for the implementation of social entrepreneurial activities
  3. Implementation of social – entrepreneurial activities
  4. Activities of spreading the concept of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Croatia
  5. Promotion and visibility
  6. Project management and administration

Expected project results:

  • Development of business plans for social entrepreneurial activities.
  • Change of the statute in order to include social – entrepreneurial activities.
  • Capacity building for DOOR employees on the business conditions of the socially-owned enterprise on the market.
  • Professional education and training of DOOR employees.
  • Development of a software solution / application for managing the finances of a social enterprise and non-governmental organizations.
  • Issuance of invoices in the amount of at least 10% of the total eligible costs of the project.
  • Adaptation of space and procurement of equipment for the purpose of implementing social and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Establishment of a pilot centre for combating energy poverty.
  • Holding a workshop for the purpose of establishing energy poverty counsellors.
  • Organization of informative events on social entrepreneurship at the local level and participation in conferences and fairs organized by other organizers.
  • Promotion and visibility activities.


Role of DOOR: 
Beneficiary of a grant from the European Social Fund

Project duration:
30 months (9.3.2021. – 9.9.2023.)

European Social Fund

Total value of the project:
HRK 1.120.444,43

Target group:
Local community

Contact person for more informations:
Matija Eppert

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