The Spanish foundation Fundación Renovables has published a new analysis entitled “The role of hydrogen in the energy transition. Analysis and positioning.

The analysis clearly points out that hydrogen should play a complementary role in electrifying final energy consumption. The analysis emphasizes that the only solution in the energy transition is sustainable hydrogen generated by electrolysis of water where electricity is 100% produced from renewable energy sources, and the hydrogen production should be carried out at points as close as possible to its consumption.

Hydrogen injection into the gas grid should be avoided in order to avoid the use of fossil fuels and to avoid reducing the hydrogen energy value. The analysis clearly seeks to show that any alternative to hydrogen aggravates the problem and slows down the achievement of a zero-emission economy.


Picture source: Pixabay

The analysis explains that hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources has a future in decarbonisation, but should take into account the fact that such a solution must be developed rationally in accordance with the technological maturity that international organizations position only after 2030, which is why energy companies’ proposals about such solutions and media expectations are not coherent.