As part of the ENPOR project – Measures to alleviate energy poverty in the private rental sector, an Analysis of Private Rented Sector Policies and Measures was created. The document analyzes and assesses existing policies to combat energy poverty in the private rental sector across the EU and beyond, and aims to explore the objectives, content and structure of policies in the private rental sector. All successful and unsuccessful strategies aimed at improving measures to combat and alleviate energy poverty among vulnerable citizens in the private rental sector were reviewed and broader structural challenges were identified in the type of support currently available to energy poor households.

The analysis provides an indicative insight into the overall typology of support measures and interventions. Given that no such analysis has been conducted globally, the Analysis proposes a framework to support the development of methodological tools and analytical approaches for future research in the private rental sector.

The analysis consists of three parts. The first part provides an overview and discussion of the collected measures, based on several criteria, including who is implementing the policy, the policy and timing factors, whether vulnerable tenants are included and whether some forms of public participation are involved in the decision making process. The second part contains an analytical summary of the policies based on well-established principles of energy justice principles, while the third part contains a conclusion with recommendations identifying gaps in existing knowledge, and practice and suggestions for further steps.