As part of the POWERPOOR project, a report was prepared on the current state of energy poverty in 8 pilot countries of the project (Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Portugal and Spain). The quantitative and qualitative data contained in the Report are basic data that can be used to define target areas for alleviating energy poverty and preventing its symptoms.

This report is structured as follows:

  • Section 2 presents energy poverty baseline in eight POWERPOOR pilot countries
  • Section 3 presents an analysis of the existing adopted national policy frameworks that include energy poverty targets covers and analysis of the specific sectoral policy measures in each country and serve as a general framework in the 8 POWERPOOR pilot countries
  • Section 4 presents a review of stakeholders’ roles in participation and support of POWERPOOR activities
  • Section 5 presents the summary of all data relating to the POWERPOOR toolkit taking into consideration energy poor households/subgroups recognised as vulnerable groups of citizens or considered to be experiencing or facing risk of energy poverty.
You can read the full Report here.