Energy, cultural and sustainable development of Buševec –

Investment in local community programs and infrastructure (Buš Eko ?!)

Project goal

The overall goal of the project is to capacitate CSOs for community-led local development and to improve cooperation between CSOs and local communities by increasing the use of public spaces for social services through civil-public partnership and cross-sectoral cooperation

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Develop and implement a plan for revitalization of the community social centre in Buševec
  • Local CSOs capacity built for participatory management of public resources using the principles of sustainability
  • Create the preconditions for energy, cultural and sustainable social and economic progress at the local level using a bottom-up approach

Project elements:

  • Development and implementation of community social center programs, i.e. CSO programs that contribute to community development (acting as community centers) in public spaces
  • Design, development and introduction of modern initiatives for citizen participation in the process of managing public spaces in the local community
  • Renovation of public owned space
  • Promotion and visibility
  • Project management and administration

Expected project results:

  • Employed coordinator for the activities in the community social center
  • Conducted programs, activities and workshops in the community center
  • Participatory development of programs and financing
  • Organized study visits
  • Conducted research and mapping of community potential for participatory governance
  • Research and mapping of RES potential conducted
  • Conducted interviews with locals about needs in the community, and opinions toward RES
  • Educated volunteers for the survey conducting
  • Developed and introduced tools that improve citizen participation in the management of public spaces in the local community
  • A feasibility study for the adaptation of community center Buševec
  • Small-scale renovation measures in community center Buševec
  • Volunteers involved in the small-scale renovation measures in the community center Buševec
  • Preparations for further energy renovation of the community center Buševec after the project end



Role of DOOR: 
Lead Partner

Project duration: 
May 2020 – April 2022

From Croatia (Buševec)

European Social Fund

Total value of the project:
HRK 1.995.864,96

Target group:
Local community

Contact person for more informations:
Daniel Rodik
Tel: 091/4655-402

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