Empowermed -Empowering women to take action against energy poverty

The overall objective of EmpowerMed is to tackle energy poverty and to help improve health of people in the coastal areas of Mediterranean countries, with a particular focus on women.

Specific objectives

  • Raise public awareness on energy poverty and the means for its alleviation, focusing on the specifics of coastal areas, gender and health aspects.
  • Implement practical solutions tailored to empower households affected by energy poverty.
  • Formulate local, national and EU policy recommendations and promote solutions to tackle energy poverty

Our actions

  • Energy visits to households, installation of saving devices and promotion of energy measures
  • Energy advice training to build capacity of actors and partners
  • Collective assemblies on energy and health
  • “Do It Together” energy workshops
  • Advocacy campaigns on gender-just policy solutions
  • Recommendations to tackle energy poverty among several key actors

Local pilot site

The primary target groups in the Croatian pilot site of EmpowerMed are households with a higher risk of energy poverty, namely: households with women as primarily caregivers, regardless of their age structure; retirees; households inhabited primarily with elderly over 65; unemployed and employees living in households with a monthly income at or below the average monthly net earnings and do not receive the support of social services. Women and women-led households will be prioritised in the recruitment and engagement of participant households among target groups. EmpowerMed project actions in Zadar include 200 household visits in which energy audits will be conducted and low-cost energy efficiency measures will be implemented, distribution of ‘energy packages’ to participant households and energy efficiency training for 1,000 citizens.

Role of DOOR: 

Project duration: 
September 2019 – August 2023

Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Albania


Target group:
Energy-poor households with a focus on women