Analysis of policies and measures to combat energy poverty in the private rental sector

The Analisys aims to explore the objectives, content and structure of policies in the private rental sector.

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Webinar: Have your say in the transformation of the EU Industrial Ecosystems

Webinar's goal is for civil society organisations to learn more about how EC is getting key industry sectors to change their business practices so that Europe can meet different environmental goals aiming to avoid irreversible or severe damage to life-supporting systems such as the climate and nature.

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WEBINAR: ““How to make national CAP Strategic Plans deliver climate ambition in Central Eastern Europe?”

Given the crucial importance of CAP Strategic Plans to increase climate ambition in the agriculture sector, in this webinar we will discuss how these plans can be steered towards climate friendly policies and what their co-benefits can be for the rural areas in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Online Conference – Look what the neighbours are doing! Communities shaping sustainability

Final conference of the H2020 funded SMARTEES project on social innovation in energy and mobility transitions.

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Webinar – LIFE: EU Funding Opportunities for Companies

Free online webinar about opportunities for companies offered by the LIFE calls for Standard Action Projects (SAPs).

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Climate Alliance International Conference 2021: Localising the European Green Deal

This edition of the Climate Alliance International Conference will explore how municipalities across Europe are already building on EU climate policy by making it tangible, working with stakeholders from around the corner and around the globe towards a just and inclusive transition for all.

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Workshop on Energy Poverty: Why is it important and how can municipalities fight it?

The Covenant of Mayors Europe joined forces with the ENPOR Project and the EU Energy Poverty Advisory Hub to organise this workshop.

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New major IPCC report advises to take prompt climate action to save our people and planet

Prompt climate action needs to be taken according to the new major scientific report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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Map of European city’s potential to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Find out the potential of Zagreb, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Split and other European cities for green areas, mitigate heat during a heatwave, carbon storage, retain water runoff during a rainfall event and biodiversity

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