ENPOR – Measures to alleviate energy poverty in the private rental sector

Energy poverty remains at high levels in the EU Member States due to increasing energy costs and slow progress on energy efficiency improvements. Despite various policies in place that directly or indirectly mitigate energy poverty in the household level, energy poverty is increasing in the private rented sector.

ENPOR aims to overcome both challenges – making energy poverty in the PRS visible (and as far as possible quantifiable) and testing energy efficiency support schemes to address it, identifying energy poor tenants (and respective homeowners) as well as understanding and addressing their needs.

ENPOR’s objectives:

  • Deepen understanding on energy poverty policies for the private rented sector – ENPOR will examine, assess and synthesise 30 energy efficiency policies that tackle energy poverty in the PRS sector across the EU to better understand the factors that trigger or prevent energy efficiency investments.
  • Monitor dimensions of energy poverty in the private rented sector – ENPOR will develop the Energy Poverty Dashboard, which will reveal the geographies of energy poverty in the PRS and help detect, quantify and monitor the effects of energy efficiency policies on energy poverty, including its hidden forms. It will thus examine aspects of poverty in the PRS (such as physical health, mental health and well-being) and their links to gender and other social dimensions to define suitable measures for energy poverty alleviation as a result of specific policies. Indicators will be developed to adjust policies to better address specificities of the PRS, and ultimately assist in calculating the ENPOR impacts. These indicators will also investigate structural factors (for instance by showing how many female-headed households live in private rented housing and are unable to invest in energy efficiency) leading to split incentives, lock-in effects and gender issues as barriers to energy efficiency in PRS.
  • Support the set-up and implementation of energy efficiency policies to alleviate energy poverty in the private rented sector – ENPOR will support the implementation of 10 energy efficiency policies and measures for energy poverty in the PRS in 7 MS.

Role of DOOR: 

Project duration: 
September 2020 – September 2023

Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Estonia, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium

H2020 mitigating HH EP

Target group:
Energy poor in the private rented sector (PRS), the public, governmental, NGO, local authorities and other stakeholders

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