The EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is taking place this week! It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power.

ECOS, Environmental Coalition on Standards is co-organising two sessions this year: on data centres and zero-impact buildings. Register now and be part of the discussions!

Session 1: Towards zero-impact buildings: making lifecycle thinking the norm
26 October 2021 – 11:00
Embodied impacts of building materials and construction products have largely been overlooked by policymakers in terms of real regulatory action.
This session will highlight key policy developments and concepts needed to support a more joined-up approach towards a highly energy efficient, sustainable and decarbonised built environment across its whole lifecycle.
You can register here!

Session 2: Data centres: can the Cloud be climate neutral?
26 October 2021 – 14:00
This session will focus on the ambitious action needed to limit the environmental impact of data centres. Data centres are essential infrastructure, right at the intersection between two highly prioritised policy areas: the digital and the energy transition. The industry is still largely self-regulated regarding energy efficiency as the complexity of operations makes designing policy difficult.
You can register here!

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