JEDRO – Public policies for sustainable social development: water, energy, waste

DOOR, in cooperation with partner organizations, on October 29, 2020. started the implementation of a three-year project in which it will collect and analyse data and contribute to the improvement of the management systems in three key thematic areas: water, energy and waste.

Project goals:

Project JEDRO is a thematic network that promotes participatory models of co-production in areas of water management, waste management and renewable energy sources. The goals will be achieved by conducting scientific research as a basis for advocating participatory models based on the principle of evidence-based policy making, strengthening cooperation between academia and CSOs and strengthening the capacity of CSOs for scientific research in these areas. The JEDRO network will work to ensure that cooperation with the academic community and the capacities of CSOs continue to develop continuously.

Also, network will explore management models, which are so far insufficiently researched or developed in Croatia, and which would make a significant contribution to resolving the ecological crisis and mitigating climate change.

In the area of ​​water management, the focus of the research will be on quality and price differences in the area of water services, needed reforms, how citizens are involved and which mechanisms are managed. In waste management, zero waste management will be explored in response to the existing problem of unsustainable waste management also promoting a model that contributes to both environmental and economic sustainability. In the field of renewable energy sources, the emphasis will be on various organization forms of production (e.g. energy cooperatives) that offer more participation and are more important at the level of national and local policies.

The thematic areas reflect the priorities of environmental protection, sustainability and economic development. Therefore, within the JEDRO project, guidelines for the improvement of the management system of the mentioned thematic areas will be produced and their application will be promoted among decision makers and other stakeholders.

A key horizontal theme common to all areas is the issue of citizen involvement in service management.

Project elements:

  • Strengthening civil society organizations partnerships and involving new members to the thematic network
  • Conducting public opinion polls and analysing social needs
  • Conducting scientific research in the area of identified necessary social change
  • Guidelines for the development of evidence-based public policies
  • Conducting social impact analyses for the proposed interventions
  • Implementing structured dialogue of all stakeholders and decision makers
  • Promotion and visibility
  • Project management and administration



Role of DOOR: 

Project duration: 
October 2020 – September 2023

From Croatia

European Social Fund


Total value of the project:
HRK 3.594.308,89

Target group:
The public, governmental, NGO, local authorities and other stakeholders

Contact person for more informations:
Tomislav Cik

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