METAR to a Better Climate (Network for education, transition, adaptation and development)

Project goal

Through innovative methods and scientific research, METAR will focus its efforts on finding solutions to simultaneously combat the problems of climate change and energy poverty.

General objective

Establish a permanent thematic network of CSOs, local governments and scientific institutions that will contribute to the transition to a low-carbon society adapted to climate change without energy poverty. Through ongoing cooperation, new skills and capacities of CSOs for advocacy will be built. Scientific institutions and local governments will be strengthened in methods of informing and involving the interested public.

Specific objectives:

  • Signing of the Agreement of Cooperation of all project’s partners committed to permanent cooperation through the METAR network in order to increase the visibility of the network, and thus contribute to better information of public,
  • Increasing capacity of CSO representatives for argumentative advocacy,
  • Development of evidence-based public climate policy guidelines,
  • Capacity building of CSOs for greater influence in the decision-making process,
  • A platform for the exchange of information that will bring together stakeholders from different sectors while striving to combat climate change, adapt to the inevitable climate change and socio-economic development that enables a society free of energy poverty,
  • Empowering future generations,
  • Financing future related activities.

Project elements:

  • Strengthening partnerships of CSOs and involving new members to the thematic network,
  • Conducting public opinion polls and examining the needs of society,
  • Conducting scientific research in the area of identified necessary social change,
  • Development of guidelines for the development of evidence-based public policies,
  • Conducting analyses of the social impact of the proposed interventions,
  • Implement a structured dialogue of all stakeholders and decision makers,
  • Promotion and visibility,
  • Project management and administration.




Role of DOOR: 
Lead Partner

Project duration: 
October 2020 – September 2023

From Croatia

European Union, European Social Fund

Total value of the project:
HRK 3,599,995.32

Target group:
The public, governmental stakeholders, NGO’s, local authorities and other stakeholders

Contact person for more informations:
Veljko Vorkapic –

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