The Thematic Network for Education, Transition, Adaptation and Development “METAR for a Better Climate” invites stakeholders of the educational system to participate in consultations on the role of the educational system in adapting to climate change and mitigating its consequences.

The consultation is open until June 19.

One of the specific objectives of the METAR thematic network is to develop evidence-based guidelines for public climate policies. The consortium consultation highlighted the need to develop guidelines on how the education system can contribute to climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation and low-carbon transition.

The importance of the educational system in adapting to climate change

The need for such Guidelines comes for several reasons, suh as:

1) First of all, because of its size and because it prepares young people for life in uncertain and unpredictable circumstances of the future, the education system plays and will play an important role in adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change and contributing to low carbon transition.

2) The second reason is that a number of strategic documents, both domestic and international, describe the role and importance of the educational system in adapting to climate change.

3) Third, children and young people express high concern about the state of the environment and climate as well as insufficient action on adaptation to climate change, which puts the educational system and adults in general in charge of listening and answering their questions and needs.

How to participate in counseling?

The draft guidelines, as well as its summary for decision makers in the educational system can be downloaded here, and the summary for educational institutions here. There is also a form on the same links where you can enter comments on the content.

You can also send comments directly to the e-mail address