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BIOLOC – Biobased and social innovation to revitalise European local communities

The goal of the BIOLOC project is to improve the role and impact of bio-based and social innovations in order to revitalize European local communities and to accelerate the comprehensive transition to a resource-efficient and circular biological-based production and consumption system, thereby achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Main activities

  • Assessment of the current state and the examples of good practice of the most relevant bio-based economic activities in selected regions, development of a plan for the inclusion of citizens and the integration of marginalized groups into the local bioeconomy
  • Organization of interactions through local events, public consultations – in order to reach targeted marginalized and rural groups
  • Reporting on the development of strategies; creation of promotional and informative material for a wider audience (e.g. schools, associations, communities)
  • Dissemination of project results through various communication channels

Main goals

  • Involvement of relevant stakeholders based on the analysis of the current state of innovation and social inclusion in local bio-economies
  • Mapping obstacles in order to develop and create new opportunities and value chains
  • Providing practical information on the opportunities that innovative practices could be bring for local participants through a circular bioeconomy

Pilot area for Croatia

The pilot will focus on the area of ​​Adriatic part of the state, which despite its great potential for a sustainable and circular bioeconomy lacks strategic integration and cross-sectoral interaction. It is precisely the connection of different sectors, such as bioeconomy and tourism, that is seen as a powerful driver for rural and coastal areas.

Their development and mobilization of bio-resources aims to positively influence the unfavorable trend of depopulation of the rural Adriatic, which, along with the poverty of the region, stands out as one of the main problems. As a project representative of BIOLOC, DOOR will influence the “green” transition through various measures and the tailoring of business models that would meet local needs.


1. Iniziativa Centro Europea – Segretariatio Esecutivo, INCE – Italy

2. Stichting Wageningen Research, WR – Netherlands

3. Fundacion CIRCE Centro de investigacion de resusrsos y consumos energeticos, CIRCE – Spain

4. Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation, ZSI – Austria

5. RINA S.p.A., RINA – Italy

6. University of Hohenheim, UHOH – Germany

7. Region of Aragón, DGA – Spain

8. Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, CERTH – Greece

9. Agricultural University of Plovdiv, AUP – Bulgaria

10. Business and Innovation Centre Bratislava, BICB – Slovakia

11. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Association of Chemical Industries of Slovenia, ACIS – Slovenia

12. Society for Sustainable Development Design, DOOR – Croatia

13. Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development, RCISD – Hungary

14. Banat University of Agricultural Science, BUAS – Romania

15. Association of Research Organisations, AVO – Czech Republic

16. Gemeente Apeldoorn, GA – Netherlands

17. SPRING – Italian Cluster of Green Chemistry, SPRI – Italy

Duration of the project:
36 months (1.10.2022 – 1.10.2025)

Source of funding:

The role of DOOR in the project: