Education on climate policy and practice

An online event where knowledge and experience will be exchanged between policy experts and community members

A Education for Climate Policy and Practice Forum will be held on 5 May, bringing together policy experts and community members to share knowledge and experience. The online event, which will link policy and practice, is organized by the Education for Climate Coalition, a participatory educational community that supports the changes needed for a climate-neutral society.

Registration lasts until May 4, and you can apply HERE.

The Forum will contain:

  • A high-level panel with Mariye Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, to discuss the link between education and action in the field of sustainability. The goal of the event is to find a way to impart to students the necessary skills for a green transition.
  • Dialogues on joint design between community members and policy experts on community challenges at different stages of their development, which are:
      • – Sustainability competences in action;
      • – Transforming places of learning;
      • – Making saving water a lifelong habit;
      • – Learning actions for sustainable tree planting;
      • – How to concretely equip learners with the necessary skills for the green transition?;

Policy and Practice Forum: Challenge Implementation Outlook.

You can read more about each dialogue HERE.

The Forum will bring together policy experts with community members who have repeatedly expressed a desire to meet with policy experts to better understand the policy background, its shortcomings and opportunities to better design concrete green education projects and further emphasize their importance. On the other hand, policy experts need better insight into the processes of implementation and experimentation within the education community.

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