The first round of POWERPOOR Training Programmes for the first Energy Supporters and Mentors has been just completed!

The first Training Programmes especially designed for the POWERPOOR Energy Supporters and Mentors have been successfully implemented in 6 POWERPOOR pilot countries – in Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Portugal and Spain. Similar training programmes will be held in the coming months in the other two pilot countries, Estonia and Croatia.

During these training activities, we discussed about the phenomenon of energy poverty, the concepts, and the policies available to alleviate it at national and European level in conjunction with the POWERPOOR project’s approach and goals.

The role of Energy Supporters and Mentors and the POWERPOOR’s Energy Poverty Alleviation Toolkit was extensively analysed.

By the end of July 2021, the first Energy Supporters and Mentors will be also certified and will be fully ready to support and engage energy poor households at local level.

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